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Fulya Onay

Having won many awards throughout europe for my Interior Design service, I have now settled with my family, in Cyprus. You will be able to rest assurred that the service I provide is of the highest quality whilst being very competivily priced.

Having been trained as an Architect in Instanbul, Fulya is fully qualified to offer both a presales and post sale service.


You can contact me in the following ways :

By my hotlines:
009 05338659184 . 00357 99595323
00357 99278568
By Email



About the business



We started out initially as Interior design, noticing that more and more customers needed to furnish their properties with quality furniture whilst having a limited budget, purchasing a furniture package through us will, help you quickly move in or, enable you to rent it quickly.

With that in mind, our furniture Packages business was born. You may think that they furniture is the end result, but it isn't, getting either you in or tenants signed up should be the end result.

Our furniture packages have been built around what would appeal to both the tenant (quality, good looking furniture, attention to detail, etc) and what would appeal to you (good price, durable, easy and cost effective to replace, installed on time, all rubbish cleared out, etc)

The result is, a range of furniture packages that wont compromise on quality, but are very well priced furniture items brought together to ensure that the property can be used as quickly as possible.

There benefits to having your property correctly finished, furnished and looked after:

  1. Property valuation and ease of re-selling if the property is both built and maintained to a high standard
  2. Increase in rental - generally a furnished property will bring in a higher rent yield
  3. Reduce voids - a tenant is more likely to rent a furnished property, and as the population becomes more transient, the more likely it is that they will need things like a bed, a sofa, wardrobe, etc as they do not own these items themselves
  4. Tax Benefits - at the time of writing, you can claim 10% allowance aganst your tax for depreciation (wear and tear). This 10% is taken from the rental amount. Please see a tax advisor for confirmation and further information regarding this.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to differing costs throughout the Island:
£ GBP quoted prices are only applicable in North Cyprus
Euro quoted prices are applicable in South Cyprus.


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