Design Agency | Web Designer

Basingstoke : Nov 2011 - Present

My current role involves managing a small team that develop and maintain new and existing websites for a large list of clients, ranging from small two page sites to much larger regional and international sites. Some of our larger clients include
  • Rackspace
  • Blackberry
  • Vue
  • MDSL
  • Getronics

Planet Cruise | Web Designer

Portsmouth : Jan 2010 - Nov 2011

  • Maintain and update the existing website and database
  • Involve new technology to enhance the user experience
  • Improve the SEO for the current site and integrate into the new site
  • Managed designed and developed the new cruise site from the start
  • Integrate with various API's to populate database and generate offers
  • Developed automated systems for creating emails, creating dynamic pdf's and updating promotional web pages
  • languages used: javascript, php, mysql, html, css, xml, photoshop, dreameaver.

Freelance Designer

Nov 08 - Jan 10

All my freelance work has been based on contract work creating 3d environments and games for various clients. The majority of the work, involved creating 3d interactive scenes for international property developers from a set of blueprints using 3Ds Max and required setting up camera and light rigs in the scene, that would be easy to alter using external scripting to control the environment. This allowed clients to walk round and decorate a place to their own taste while the property was still in the planning stages. The past few months I have been managing a small team creating games for the iphone. The games range from developing new unique IP to porting over the clients ideas. Along with this I did alot of the design and art work for the games whilst also coming up with unique solutions to any issues that occured

3D Visualiser : Carey Jones - Holborn, London.

April 08 - Nov 08

My time at Carey Jones involved using CAD plans to create 3d mock ups and proposals of upcoming multi-million pound development projects for the like of Tesco and other large companies.

3D Artist : Electronic Arts - Guildford, Surrey.

Contract Work - April 05 - April 07

Whilst at EA working in the development studio as part of a large (100+) team, I created and developed environment and technical meshes for the previous two Harry Potter titles “Goblet of Fire” and “Order of the Phoenix”. All the art assets were produced using Maya and exported using a specialist plug-in. Along with developing art assets for the game I was also involved in level design scripting behaviours and events for various game play tasks. Everything was tested on the dev kits before being submitted to the latest build .

Software Tester : Electronic Arts

Chertsey, Surrey. - Contract Work

My time as a software engineer was spent black box testing using logical methods to collate and report any issues found in the various build versions and report these back to the team. These were then added to a database and assigned to the relevant person. I was also involved in script testing using Juice. This would allow me to write a set of commands in c# let the script play out and then check the overall results. The script was then mainly used for stress testing and left running overnight with a log file being produced showing the results.